ITHAKA Festival is an experimental, electronic music festival that will take you on a sensory journey to one of the most breath taking locations in Spain: an old Arabic, abandoned fort that is surrounded by a lake and nestled in the heart of a natural region north of Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain).


This could not be a more idyllic setting for the first edition of ITHAKA Festival to play out in. The 9th century, Arabic, walled village has been uninhabited since the 60s and is like the land that time forgot. Here, we will break the traditional link between electronic music and urban nightlife, and experience new sounds, new sites and new feelings.


Two of the principal pillars of the festival are diversity and sustainability. We want to create a safe space in which we will champion inclusion, diversity and equality by representing a truly eclectic mix of backgrounds, cultures, genders and genres, on and off the dance floor.


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The festival is in Granadilla, Cáceres, with the nearest airport being Madrid at about three hours away. You can make your own way to the site or book one of our festival buses straight to our gates from Madrid and Madrid Airport. Check our ticket page to book your bus.

*Please bear in mind that the festival is nestled in the heart of a national park and will be a car-free area. All cars will have to be left parked in the nearest town, Zarza de Granadilla, and the festival site will only be accessible aboard our festival bus service Zarza de Granadilla-Granadilla.



Madrid (3 hours away)
Sevilla (4 hours away)
Lisboa (4.5 hours away)

SHUTTLE: from Madrid to Granadilla

Friday 22nd of June | 14.00 | Madrid Airport – Madrid City – Granadilla |
Friday 22nd of June | 16:00 | Madrid Airport – Madrid City – Granadilla |
Sunday 24th of June | 18.00 | Granadilla – Madrid – Madrid Airport |
Monday 25th of June | 12:00 | Granadilla – Madrid – Madrid Airport |


Bus: Madrid – Aldeanueva Del Camino (3 h 50 min)
Bus: Aldeanueva Del Camino – Zarza de Granadilla (15 min)

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Train: Madrid, Atocha Cercanías – Plasencia Ciudad (3 h 5 min)
Bus: Plasencia Ciudad – Zarza de Granadilla (40 mins)

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