New Horizons Festival 2018

New Horizons Festival 2018


Dear Traveller,

Welcome to the Kingdom of New Horizons.

Once a year, our mysterious Gatekeeper unlocks the gates to your very own universe. A world filled with electronic dance music.

The destination for a festival journey that lasts an entire weekend and that will transport you to a multitude of different worlds. Each one revolving around its own music genre.

Can you picture that ultimate summer escape? Set up camp in our Traveller’s or Royal Garden and stay in the Kingdom for the entire weekend. There’s no need to leave. This will be your home away from home. An entertainment and music theme park that is bound to become your happy place.

Are you ready to discover the Kingdom of New Horizons?

One thing’s for sure: adventure is calling!


New Horizons Festival 2018
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New Horizons Festival 2018

This summer Germany’s legendary race track The Nürburgring will be the home of New Horizons Festival! As a festival venue, the Nürburgring has long proved itself. Thanks to the good infrastructure and signing, you don’t ever have to worry about getting lost in the picturesque Eifel. Your exact navigation destination?

Address for navigation:
53520 Nürburg
Deutschland (Germany)

It’s way closer than you think..
If you live in Germany you might be aware of the distance from your location to the Nürburgring. We bet a lot of the international festival fans don’t realise it might not be that far as they feel it is though.
The Nürburgring is located in the heart of Germany, surrounded by many metropolitan areas such as the Ruhr district and the Rhein-Main district. Living in one of the cities below? Check your travel distance and thus time below:

Bonn (main station) – Nürburgring: 59 km
Cologne (main station) – Nürburgring: 84 km
Düsseldorf (main station) – Nürburgring: 124 km
Mönchengladbach (main station) – Nürburgring: 127 km
Mainz (main station) – Nürburgring: 146 km
Duisburg (main station) – Nürburgring: 150 km
Siegen (main station) – Nürburgring: 153 km
Essen (main station) – Nürburgring: 154 km
Bochum (main station) – Nürburgring: 167 km
Frankfurt (main station) – Nürburgring: 172 km
Dortmund (main station) – Nürburgring: 183 km
Amsterdam (Centraal) – Nürburgring: 338km
Brussels (Gare de Bruxelles-Midi) – Nürburgring: 279 km
Paris (Gare du Nord) – Nürburgring: 507 km

Of course, we will guide you for the last bit. Once you are near the venue you will be given directions by our New Horizons crew on how to get to the festival entrance, parking and campsite as quickly as possible.