ParookaVille 2017

ParookaVille 2017



Parookaville (PV), also ParookaVille, is a three-day-long Music festival, playing Electronic dance music. Its debut in 2015 attracted 25,000 people to the town of Weeze. The festival consisted of five stages with over 80 DJs.  The event took place at a former British Royal Air Force-Base, which is part of Airport Weeze. The same 65,000m² big area is used for the Bizarre-Festival and Q-Base-Festival.

In 2016 50,000 people attended the second edition of the festival. All tickets sold out after three days.



ParookaVille Festival 2017
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ParookaVille Festival 2017

Weeze Airport 
47652 Weeze 

The festival takes place on the site of Weeze Airport (also home to Q-Base festival) in the north west of Germany, close to the border with the Netherlands.