The Flying Dutch - Amsterdam 2018

The Flying Dutch - Amsterdam 2018


The Flying Dutch is a tri-city electronic music festival taking place simultaneously in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Celebrating the global success of the Dutch electronic music scene, the festival annually offers the biggest and best DJs to have risen from it.


Appropriately, this victory celebration is the largest outdoor music festival in the country, attracting over 100,000 people in its single day.


With the killer lineup of Dutch DJs playing all three venues in one day, the artists are flown from venue to venue by helicopter, not only giving The Flying Dutch its name but also its unique sense of drama.


The Flying Dutch - Amsterdam 2018
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The Flying Dutch - Amsterdam 2018

Olympisch Stadion 
Olympisch Stadion 2 
1076 DE Amsterdam 

Olympisch Stadion is a large open stadium in south-western Amsterdam used mainly football, athletics and music festivals.