CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package Tomorrowland 2019 Ticket prices

15 December 2018


CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package

Accommodation Information

Do you like to spend your nights in the atmosphere of DreamVille but you don’t want to carry a lot of luggage? Come to DreamVille in a relaxed way without bringing your tent. A CAMP2CAMP tent will be ready at your arrival.

You will be welcomed in the CAMP2CAMP Area, which offers separate sanitary facilities only for CAMP2CAMP visitors. The CAMP2CAMP team and crew are at your service 24h/24h.


How does it work?

  • At the CAMP2CAMP site your tent for two persons will be ready for you on arrival.
  • Additional camping gear can be rented at the CAMP2CAMP booth or during Voucher Sale.
  • It is not allowed to pitch your own tent or gazebo.
  • Because you are joining a sustainable project, you are expected to keep your camping spot extra clean and sort your waste well.
  • On departure, a host will check your spot and your gear to make sure everything is left in good condition. 


What is CAMP2CAMP about? 

Every festival season tons and tons of perfectly good camping gear goes to waste. CAMP2CAMP decided to do something about this. Last year, thousands of DreamVille visitors turned in their camping gear at one of the CAMP2CAMP deposit points. Camping gear that would otherwise have gone to waste. What was still left behind on the fields of DreamVille was collected with the support of volunteers. Via social employment, each piece of camping gear was thoroughly checked, cleaned and is now ready to be rented to festival visitors again.

By choosing for a CAMP2CAMP rental package, you choose to support this project and help create a better future for your fellow people and our planet.


Please note:

  • The 'CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package' is valid per tent.
  • The organization reserves the freedom to change the shape and design of the tent.


Ticket prices

The ticket price always includes payment and service fee. 
The Treasure Case Fee is not included.


CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package

2 x Magnificent Greens Package (€ 321) + CAMP2CAMP (€ 84)

€ 726



CAMP2CAMP Pre Pitched 2P Package

2 x Magnificent Greens Package (€ 376) + CAMP2CAMP (€ 84)

€ 836


Ticket Sale starts at 15h15 CET. Sign in to your Tomorrowland Account or create one now before the start of the Pre-Registration at


  • A 'Full Madness Comfort Pass' includes access to the comfort zone at the Mainstage and 4 other stages.
  • Make sure you select the correct weekend in the ticket shop
    Weekend 1: 18 - 22 July 2019
    Weekend 2: 25 - 29 July 2019


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