Coone & TNT aka Technoboy 'N' Tuneboy - Pump Up The Jam

27 July 2018

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As one of the industry’s leading imprints that constantly pushes the envelope, from insane collaborations to party-smashing edits with a modern spin, Smash The House stands head and shoulders above the rest – their next release following in a similar vein of bombastic reworkings.

Take the 1989 smash house hit ‘Pump Up The Jam’ and enlist Belgian Coone and Italian bass dons TNT for an in-your-face production to contort the original vocal, still standing at the forefront, and what do you get? A hardstyle banger that doesn’t quit.

Reminiscent of hyper-fast gabber and techno from the early rave scene, this unique take on a classic pummels forward with lightening bass, hyper synths and donk-style sounds that wouldn’t sound out of place in absolutely annihilating harder stages at festivals worldwide this Summer.

Already causing mayhem across his Coone & The Gang stage at Tomorrowland recently and playing out ‘Pump Up The Jam’ to a thronging crowd at the mainstage, TNT also bought the goods to a dot to dot of dates across the US and Europe recently.